Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The donkey race in Kavadarci

It’s been a long time since the wine festival took place in Kavadarci, but I’ve just found forgotten photos from there. Apart from tasting a wide range of wines (personally I was too busy of trying this beverage and imitating an expert from abroad, to focus on making more detailed photoreportage from this event…), one of the main attraction was the donkey-race contest. In the competition took part four contestants together with drovers. Before the race one of them hardly tried to call all the observers’ attention to him, screaming, threatening and trying to discourage his opponents. Finally, the victory achieved an another race participant – inconspicuous and modest, what humiliated the self-confident gentleman.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The monastery of Treskavec

The monastery in Treskavec is absolutely amazing place. Surrounded by mountains, cut off from the world by 2,5 hour climbing, the monastery is an ideal place for meditation and mental rest. 
If you add to this an option of waiting and watching the sunrise from the near peak - Zlatno Jabolko (Golden Apple), katharsis guaranteed.
In the complex right now live one monk and his helper, the business is guarded also by three awesome dogs.
In Treskavec takes place an action of the famous Milcho Manchevski movie - Before the Rain.