Monday, 16 July 2012

Budva - the Montenegrin Kuwait

It's high time to revive the blog. This time, as I mentioned before, I explore Montenegro. For the beginning something very trite, that is the most popular resort in Montenegro - Budva. The city of omnipresent Poles and Russians. And yachts. Why the Montenegrin Kuwait? Because of its number of millionaires compared to its small population. Mostly Russians who in masses bought properties here.
The town has never been explored by me before, in spite of passing by during my hitchhiking trip from Macedonia, because colloquially saying, I pissed it on. And I was wrong because it's really worth to see. Especially the old town. Actually, only the old town.
Locked inside the walls, cut with narrow streets, which some of them are full of souvenirs shops, few metres farther we can find quiet ones with locals who drink coffee in their small gardens. It's hard to believe but Budva is the oldest settlement in the whole Adriatic Seaside and is 3500 years old. 
Walking along the shore we'll find nice small sandy beaches (unfortunately overcrowded), or lie on one of the big rocks letting the sea to splash us while drinking the hit of this summer -  Nikšićko Limun or just Serbian Jelen.
And a curious fact for the end: Budva is the smallest town hosting a concert of The Rolling Stones.