Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Albanian culture and dance festival - Këngë Jeho

15-17 July on the main square of Struga took place the Albanian culture and dance festival – Këngë Jeho. During three evenings participated 20 groups from Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro and Italy. The festival started traditionally with a street parade of all of the participants. 
Below few photos from this energetic and ear-splitting event:


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Mysterious negatives

Looking for a needle and a thread in the recesses of my Macedonian flat (I broke my trousers) I came across a remarkable discovery. 4 rolls of negatives (2x35mm and 2 of big format). The last ones especially interesting because of fantastic quality, as to the time from which come from - 50's or 60's. Why do I know this? Expiry date on the paper package says - "December 1962", so I claim that photographs are taken in the late 50's or early 60's. Simple. I made positives immediately, using home method (and free), that is - a picture of every single negative with a bright  background (I glued them to the window), then graphic processing using computer software.
The effect is below:

As you can see above, the first serie shows pictures from some office or another working place in socialistic Yugoslavia, next - memorial family photos. The serie of pictures from 35mm roll, these are shots from some trip, supposedly also from the Balkans. The clue can be mosques and statue of Lenin. 
Wondering from where exactly these photographs come from and who present, to my mind came the story from the documentary (Lost Holiday) about Czech, who came across in the Sweedish rubbish bin 22 rolls of negatives. After processing them it turned out that, it's a record of the trip around Europe of 6 undentified Asian men. Authors of the movie

made an attempt to find mysterious tourists, following their traces in the places recognized on the pictures.
Below, link to the trailer:

In the case of negatives that I came across, probably it's not hard to find out the source...supposedly belong to the owner of the flat where I live, that is comrade in the coat.