Wednesday, 29 August 2012

In the footsteps of Kusturica and Šarganska Osmica, part 1

Coming back from Guča, I decided to go to the West, through Sarajevo. Luckily, on my way was the town of Mokra Gora, which I couldn't skip.
The town is famous for two things: open air museum Mečavnik and Šarganska Osmica, that is a narrow-gauge railway in the mountains Šargan. Both things are related to the E. Kusturica's movie Život je čudo. The director realised here one of his crazy visions, he built a wooden settlement, replacing whole Bosnian and Serbian traditional houses, locating them on a hill. That's how Drvengrad was created, called also Küstendorf (Kusta is a Kusturica's nickname, and dorf is a village from German). In Drvengrad is everything what a small town needs: shops, restaurants, a small church, kindergarten, a cinema, even a city prison. Everything should be rather taken with a pinch of salt, the whole complex is a hotel base, which is an attraction for tourists. Every house, doesn't matter if by Djoković, Che Guevara, Don Diego or Bruce Lee Street can be inhabited. Kusturica lives in the town himself! You can meet him here in one of the restaurants, unless he's just directing a new movie or playing in his No Smoking Orchestra
In January Küstendorf is the host of a film festival where the Golden Egg is a prize.
As it turns out, Kusturica doesn't finish with Drvengrad. Several kilometres from Küstendorf, Kamengrad is being built (Andrićgrad) which is a memorial for Ivo Andrić - a great Yugoslavian writer, noblist and a national hero. Emir is directing the movie The bridge on the Drina, based on a Adrić novel.
The history about 
Šarganska Osmica soon. Stay tuned.