Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The unsinkable church in Mavrovo

The local people say that, God and Saints don't allow to complete disappearance this church in the lake. The phenomenon of its constant emerging from the water, villagers explain by "impossibility of immersion and oblivion of a sacred place".
The church was built by villagers in 1850. However, when in 1953 the dam was built to create a water power station, was decided that the church will be flooded. The rivers of Mavrovo and Radika slowly started to fill the valley, after some time the ceiling collapsed, but the church still standed.
Curiously enought, in the winter 1956, the valley was covered by a huge avalanche, killing 52 workers constructing the power plant. In the last time, the level of water in the lake slightly decreased, so it's possible to enter inside the church, which was usually covered at least to 1/3 of its height.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Crn Kamen 2

These are the fruits of November ramble to Crn Kamen.
In the night the temperature fell below zero, so we found out a genial idea of taking to the tent a big, warm  stone from the fire...which was so hot, that started to burn the rag which was put around it and emit a suspicious stink. Because of that, we resigned from this way of heating and had to count on the warmth of our sleeping bags (btw. we also forgot to take carrimats). In the morning, the nature fully compensated nightly inconveniences and we could freely bask in the sun.