Saturday, 10 March 2012

The memorial-mystery in Kavadarci

Beautifully located, concrete monument in Kavadarci, called Kosturnica is undoubtedly one of the worth to visit places  in this town. The memorial is situated on the top of the 300m hill, on the edge of the city park. Designed by Peter Milichkovski -  architect from Skopje and unveiled in September 1976. As many monuments like this, “concretes” usually commemorate WW II victims and heroes fighting for liberty of Yugoslavia from the claws of nazi invader. I was climbing up having exactly this image in my head. To my surprise, there is nowhere clearly written to whose honour the memorial is built, only 20 marble plaques with 328 names of killed. Apparently it’s so obvious that authors of the monument forgot to mention about it. Another puzzle to figure out is the form and shape of the contruction. Any connotations? Supposedly refers to traditional, Macedonian house from Ohrid. The lower part is closed into an internal yard, which leads outside to the “amphitheatre”. Well, let you interpret this as you like…inside spiral stairs lead us to the top of the memorial, from where we can see really nice view.

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