Thursday, 17 May 2012

Berat - the town of one thousand and one windows

This time I went with my friends to Albania to visit Gjirokaster, Butrint and Berat. However, the weather thwarted our plans and we limited just to Berat, with a night spent in Pogradec. Before the dusk we managed to find a wooden, abandoned shed, where we put a tent for better protection. After a hard, rainy night we took advantage of better conditions and hitchhiked to Berat, previously consuming a coffee on the egde of multi-funcional-car-funeral-shop. The trip was very tiring and bumpy (roads in Albania are horrible), but most of the drivers were ready to compensate this fact with a beer or hot dinner.

Berat - an amazing city. Is the second (after Gjirokaster) city-museum, called "the city of one thousand and one windows"). Situated on the hill, with a labirynth of narrow streets and beautiful architecture is a bit similar to Ohrid, but without the lake. The city located at the foot of Tomori massif, can boast of the most preserved old town from the ottoman times in all Albania.

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